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Parkinsons Research Study – Call for Participants

Dear Patients,

* We are looking for the patients with Parkinson’s disease who have a family history (somebody within their family with Parkinson’s disease) to participate in a Research Study. This study is on-going.

This will involve 1 hour meeting with myself and will look like a clinic appointment. The blood sample will be taken at the end. If you have Parkinson’s disease and a family history I would be grateful if you could contact me and I can provide more information.

It is an important study looking at the genes.

I would like to thank all the patients who took part in this study so far. I am looking forward to meet you. I would be very grateful for your help.

Kind regard, Dr Diana Olszewska.

Could you please contact me directly on 01 8545031

* If you have a Parkinson’s disease and you are interested in participating in a Research Study we also have a study involving a skin biopsy. This study is due to begin in July.

It will be approximately 30 min appointment with a very tiny -3 millimetres only biopsy from the arm, a local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area and a special device looking like a pen will be used to take a biopsy, and a steristrip (special plaster, no stitches needed) which takes approx 10min followed by a short questionnaire.

This particular study will aid the drug discovery.

The above studies are carried out in our Dublin Neurological Institute.

Kind regards,
Diana Olszewska