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2016 Neurological Golf Classic Registration

The 2016 Neurological Golf Classic takes place in the Hermitage Golf Club on Friday 23rd September 2016. If you want to participate and/or sponsor the event you can download the registration form here:

(Link no longer available as event has now taken place)


Why do we need your support? Because behind the Yellow Door of the Dublin Neurological Institute, extraordinary care is provided.

The DNI is a registered charity and a centre of excellence for the care of patients with neurological disease, including Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Headache, Neuropathy and Muscular dystrophy. The Institute is a unique innovative facility with academic links to the original Neurological Institutes in Montreal and New York.

In the DNI we aim to provide a high quality care to all our patients. By offering a multidisciplinary team approach – patients travelling distances can be seen, not just by a doctor but also by a clinical nurse specialist, physiotherapist and other professionals allied to medicine. We firmly believe that today’s research is tomorrow’s cure and we are involved in high quality research to increase knowledge of these debilitating neurological conditions.

To ensure we provide a continued flow of care and maintain our existing services to the thousands of patients who enter the DNI each year, we need an annual budget of at least €200,000. This golf classic has played a key role in our fundraising efforts over the past 15 years. Funds raised have enabled us to provide that extra care to patients through their diagnosis and treatment.

Why we need your help this year.

The diagnosis of a neurological disease can be a life changing experience, not only for the patient but also for their spouse / partner who often becomes the carer of their loved ones. Many experience emotional, social and financial changes when it is not only the patient who can no longer participate in the workforce. While we organise informal sessions for patients and their carers, many carers have expressed an interest in obtaining a greater insight into the various neurological diseases. We are now planning a formal programme of education and training to support carers of people with a neurological disease.

Individual courses will be organised for Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Dementia, Headache, Neuropathy & Muscular Dystrophy. Courses will be held over five sessions and include the following topics: .
• Introduction to the Disease
• Responding to changes / behavioural pattern
• Nutrition and eating well while engaging in life activities
• Personal care and safety in the home
• Looking after Yourself as a carer and accessing information regarding help that is available

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