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The nervous system is very often intimidating, mysterious, complex and often poorly understood so an element of our role is to scatter this misconception for other health professionals and patients alike.

We aim to provide specialised, responsive, sensitive and seamless service that promotes self-management and self-referral. As nurses in Neurology we advocate the promotion of patient independence and continue to mobilise the necessary resources in order to achieve this. By encouraging patients to either participate in their management they become empowered with a sense of control which in turn facilitates the psychological adaptation to their Neurology disease. Alternatively when the need for intervention occurs as some patients are not willing or able to adhere to rigorous management plan their support network can be enhanced to include family, community and hospital support.

Team and patient relationship should be an active, collaborative partnership in the treatment and decision process, which should continue where possible along the disease trajectory.

Self Efficacy is defined as a persons judgement/ability to organise and implement a course of action necessary to accomplish a task and as all patients with new Neurology diagnosis are required to adapt a new behaviours in order to cope with some of the limitations their condition may enforce on them, it is important that they are involved in all decisions in relation to Rx’s etc were made. Adherence and psychological adjustment then became an issue. Patients need control over some decisions and need to be able to make informed decisions regarding their treatment choices or not ad still require the support when the treatment options are declined. Our role is ever changing with each individual patient across the continuum. Ultimately we endeavour to provide quality care with the patient’s best interest foremost to enhance quality of life.