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Outpatient Clinics (GP Referrals needed)

The following clinics are run by the Neurology Department.

First Thursday of each month – Multiple Sclerosis

Following three Thursday’s of each month – Parkinson’s Clinic

First three Wednesday’s of each month – Stroke Clinic

Last Wednesday – General Neurology Clinic

First Tuesday of each month Epilepsy clinic

Following three Tuesdays General Neurology clinics to include all conditions as required

Click here for frequently asked questions on attending one of the above clinics.

Clinic   To book an appointment
Fast Assessment of
Suspected Stroke & TIA
Neurology Team T: +353 87 9370044
Migraine Dr Martin Ruttledge T: +353 1 8545038/5258
Neuropsychiatry Dr Faraz Jabbar T: +353 1 8545038
Physiotherapy* Grainne McKeown T: +353 1 8545038/5258
Public Clinics – MS/
Parkinson/Deep Brain
Prof Tim Lynch T: +353 1 8034686/4544
Stroke & Hypertension Dr Eamon Dolan T: +353 1 8545038

*Referral form can be downloaded from the Download Forms section of this website