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Opening of the Hugh Staunton Library

The official opening ceremony of the Hugh Staunton Library was performed by Sam Staunton (Dr Staunton’s grandson). Dr Staunton was an avid collector of rare and antique texts written by the founders of the discipline such as Gordon Holmes, John Hughlings Jackson and Samuel Kinnier Wilson. His collection is undoubtedly one of the finest private neurological antique book collections and we are very privileged to have this prestigious collection in the Dublin Neurological Institute.

Born in Westport, Co Mayo, Dr Staunton graduated in medicine in University College Dublin (1960), proceeding to B Sc in UCD (1962), MRCPI (1965), Ph D at University of Edinburgh (1966), MRCP and FRCP (1968) and FRCPI (1975). His research and post-graduate training in medicine and neurology led him through Edinburgh, the Richmond Hospital in Dublin, the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt and the National Hospital for Neurology, Queen Sq, before his appointment at age 34 as a consultant neurologist in the Richmond Hospital in 1971.

He was universally respected as a diagnostician and clinical teacher and he pioneered the development of seizure surgery for refractory epilepsy, as well as maintaining a broad clinical practice. For many years he shared the provision of neurology consultation in Richmond, Mater and Beaumont Hospitals with Dr Sean Murphy. In addition to a busy clinical practice he published over 60 papers and a book chapter. He edited the Irish Medical Journal from 1983 to 1986. He mentored and guided a number of neuropsychologists and neurologists to doctorates and was a generous and influential teacher to his housestaff as well as in preparatory courses for the MRCPI. He served as Dean of the Richmond Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (1986 -1989), Co-chairman, Richmond Brain Research Foundation (1993-1998) and as Fellow, Department of Psychology, University College, Dublin (1997-2000).

In addition to epilepsy, his clinical and research interests spanned a broad spectrum from disorders of brain, peripheral nerve and explorations of the fundamentals of consciousness and dreaming. Personal memories of Hugh Staunton were given by Drs Ray Murphy (Dean IICN) and Donal Costigan, Consultant Neurologist and Rory O Donnell, Consultant Haematologist