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Healthy Participants Needed

Dear Spouses/Partners/Friends of neurology patients.

We are looking for HEALTHY individuals to take part in our Research Study.

It will be a 40 min appointment for a “skin plaster”-painfree sellotape applied on a forehead for 20 min without any substance or medication in it, accompanied by a general questionnaire and a quick neurological examination.

We would like to compare the skin of Parkinson’s patients to healthy people.

The Parkinson’s patients have been fantastic in participating- I would like to thank you all and now we need healthy people to make the comparison to.

If you are a person WITHOUT any neurological condition or any family history of neurological condition (best spouses or unrelated friends) I would be grateful for 40 min of your time to participate and help us with this study.

Im looking forward to meet you- please call me directly on 018545031. Thank you, Dr Diana Olszewska