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Dr Alberto Blanco-Campal, Clinical Neuropsychologist

BSc, MSc (Behavioural Neurology and Cognitive Neuropsychology),
D. Psych. Sc. (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Blanco-Campal is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology in University College Dublin (UCD). He provides Adult Clinical Neuropsychological Services for the Memory Clinic at the Mater University Hospital and to Neurology, Geriatric Medicine, Old Age Psychiatry, Neurovascular and Cardiovascular patients. He has a particular expertise in the area of neuropsychology of dementia and acquired brain injury. He has ample experience in medico-legal neuropsychological evaluations and the provision of expert testimony in cases of acquired brain injury. He is co-investigator on several research projects in the field of dementia with colleagues at Dublin College University, UCD, Maynooth University and the Rowan University (US). He is actively involved in the development of cognitive measures aimed at the early detection and differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions through the European Standardised Process Approach to Cognitive Evaluation in Older People project. He has published on the neuropsychology of dementia and acquired brain injury in peer-reviewed international journals and has contributed to textbook chapters in the field of clinical psychology. He is a full practitioner member of the Division of Neuropsychology of the Psychological Society of Ireland. He has previously worked as a Neuropsychologist with Headway Ireland (Brain Injury Services), the National Rehabilitation Hospital and the Memory Clinic at the Mercer’s Institute for Research on Ageing at St James’s Hospital.